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SORRY, but as a general rule, we sell only to customers in the US, Canada, Japan, Australia and Europe . However, if you are seriously interested in an instrument, and we can be assured of prompt and secure payment by bank wire transfer, we may consider sales to certain customers in certain other countries. Absolutely no sales to Indonesia, Nigeria or China.

NOTE: All international sales are FINAL and do not include a trial period or return option.


WE NOW ACCEPT PAYMENTS BY VISA, Mastercard and Discovercard Credit Cards (note some limitations explained below), Cashier's Check, Bank Wire and US Postal Service Money Order(s) .

NOTE: To allow funds to clear at our bank, most items will be shipped no less than TWO BUSINESS DAYS AFTER we receive an authorized form of payment.


       Alan Buchalter
       Exceptional Guitars
       399 East 10th Avenue
       Eugene, Oregon 97401

BANK WIRES: Contact us by e-mail if you prefer to make your payment by bank wire. We will e-mail you the information your bank will need to complete the transfer. The customer is responsible for payment of all bank wire fees involved in the transaction, including any fees charged by intermediary banks. Our bank does not charge for incoming wires.

NOT ACCEPTABLE: Sorry, we do NOT accept either personal or business checks for any purchases.

TRIAL PERIOD: See our Trial Period Page for detailed information about our 48 hour trial policy and return procedures.


If you see a guitar or amp you are interested in go to the website page which has the detailed information and photos of that guitar or amp and click on the narrow grey bar above the main photo which says "Interested in this guitar (amp)" and this will give you a pop-up e-mail form addressed to us with the item stock number already included. Type in your e-mail address carefully so we can reply to your e-mail and let us know what info you are seeking.

You can also click on the "Contact Us" button and send us an e-mail mentioning the stock number, a description of the instrument, and what information you would like to know about that guitar. If you want a phone reply, you will need to e-mail us your phone number with area code and indicate the best times for us to call you. If you request more information or photos of the guitar, we will reply by e-mail as soon as possible, but this may take a few days.


SHIPPING METHODS: We can ship your guitar by either UPS, FedEx and sometimes US Postal Service. We have had good luck with all of these carriers. We will carefully package your guitar and ship it to you by any class of service you choose at your expense.

INSURANCE: We will automatically insure your guitar against shipping damage for the full purchase amount through the carrier. Any insurance charges will be added to and included in the shipping charge you pay.

NOTICE OF SHIPPING DAMAGE & DAMAGE CLAIMS: If you notice any damage to the shipping carton upon delivery, you must immediately notify the carrier (UPS or FedEx) and have them note all of the damage on their delivery report. Also immediately report any damage visible on the shipping carton to Exceptional Guitars by e-mail. If the instrument is damaged during shipping, but damage to the shipping carton is not apparent, you must immediately notify the carrier (call their 800 number) and Exceptional Guitars (by e-mail or fax) of the damage.

When you buy a guitar from Exceptional Guitars, you agree to save all original shipping materials if your guitar is damaged in shipping and to cooperate fully in allowing the carrier or their insurance company to investigate the damage claim. The shipping damage claim is usually be made by the shipper (us), but you must cooperate fully if you want Exceptional Guitars to help you with your claim. Exceptional Guitars does not carry or offer any separate insurance for shipping damage other than what is provided through the carriers.


Quite a few people inquire if we have a "Lay-Away" plan...and we do. It works like this: A 10% non-refundable deposit holds a guitar for you for up to 90 days. The purchase price for all Lay-Aways is the "credit card price", not the cash discount price (which requires payment in full by cash, cashiers check or bank wire) The full balance of the Lay-Away purchase price must be paid off within the 90 days. Sorry, but there is no 48-hour trial period with Lay-Away purchases.


For all purchases from Exceptional Guitars using a CREDIT CARD... if there is a 48 hour trial period and return option offered... the customer agrees in advance that all refunds allowed by Exceptional Guitars will be subject to a 5% restocking fee to cover our non-recoverable transaction costs incurred when we process the credit card purchase, in addition to any refund reductions assessed by Exceptional Guitars due to damage to, or reduction in the resale value of the guitar while in the possession of the customer.

CREDIT CARD REFUNDS: For more details on our Trial Period and Return/Refund Policy see our Trial Period Page.

NOTE 1: All customers who decide to make a purchase from Exceptional Guitar using a credit card expressly agree that Exceptional Guitar’s stated policies for returns and refunds shall supercede any other generally applicable return and refund rules or laws concerning credit card purchases to the greatest extent allowed by law.

NOTE 2: SORRY, we generally do NOT accept charges to non-US issued or corporate credit cards and we usually ship only to the billing address for the credit card. We impose these restrictions to avoid credit card fraud.

Please Note: On-line prices, quantities, descriptions and policies subject to change without notice.
Please confirm these at time of order.
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