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How To Buy: Trial Period


We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. For this reason we offer a 48-hour trial period on most purchases so you can decide whether or not you wish to keep the guitar and finalize the sale. The 48-hour trial period starts when you (or your agent) signs for delivery of the guitar. If you decide to return the guitar, YOU MUST NOTIFY US by e-mail or phone (leave a clear message if you get the answering machine) within 48-hours of signing for delivery of the guitar and must state clearly that you intend to return the guitar.

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: You will need PRIOR RETURN AUTHORIZATION from Exceptional Guitars before returning the instrument to us.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: We expect you to handle and treat these fine instruments with supreme care during the 48-hour trial period and prevent them from being damaged in any way until such time as the sale becomes final.

IMPORTANT NOTE 3: It is your OBLIGATION TO CONTACT US and to make sure we understand that you intend to return the guitar within the trial period. If you have not notified us by e-mail or phone as required above within the 48-hour trial period, you will have WAIVED your return option and the sale will be considered final.

IMPORTANT NOTE 4: All AMPLIFIERS and certain guitars are sold "AS-IS" and WITHOUT a 48-hour return option, in which case the return policies on this page will NOT apply. Make sure you ask about this BEFORE you buy.

IMPORTANT NOTE 5: There is NO TRIAL PERIOD or RETURN OPTION offered on any International Sales.


YOU MUST FOLLOW our Return Procedures exactly in order to receive a refund:

1. PRIOR AUTHORIZATION: All returns must be authorized in advance by Exceptional Guitars. No exceptions.

2. RETURN SHIPPING: If returning a guitar, you will be responsible for returning the guitar in the same condition as when received. You will be responsible for all packing, shipping and insurance charges in both directions. You must carefully and properly repack the guitar in its original or equivalent packing materials, obtain insurance for the full purchase price from the shipping carrier, and reship the guitar within three (3) days of obtaining return authorization by the same class of shipping service as it was shipped to you.

For example, if the guitar was shipped to you by UPS 2nd Day Air service, you must ship it back to us by UPS 2nd Day Air service (and not by some inferior/slower shipping method such as by ground service).


CASH REFUNDS: On used instruments purchased by Cashiers Check, USPS Money Order or Bank Wire (see below policies for Credit Card purchases), you will receive a full refund by Cashiers Check... LESS all shipping and insurance charges... IF AND ONLY IF the guitar is returned in the same condition as received. We can't afford to ship our rare and valuable guitars around simply for someone to "kick the tires" without a serious interest in owning the guitar. If you are simply curious about what a particular instrument is like, find one locally that you can try out to see if it is a model you really want to own.

REDUCTIONS FOR DAMAGE: Your refund will be REDUCED if the guitar is returned to us in damaged condition depending on the extent of the damage and our assessment of its effect on the resale value of the instrument (see below).

RESTOCKING FEES: On returns of new or "like new" instruments, a restocking fee of $100-$300 may be deducted from your refund because the return prevents this item from being resold as new or "like new". Ask about this before buying! There is also a 3% restocking fee charged on all Credit Card returns. See below.

CREDIT CARD REFUNDS: On all purchases by CREDIT CARD which also include a 48 hour trial period, your refund will be credited back to your credit card account. However, the amount of the refund will be REDUCED BY: (a) a 3% restocking fee; (b) shipping/insurance costs both ways; and (c) any other deductions assessed by Exceptional Guitars due to damage by the customer as described on this page (see above and below).

IMPORTANT NOTE: By returning the guitar to Exceptional Guitars, you voluntarily and expressly accept our assessment of the effect of the damage on the resale value of the instrument, which we promise will be reasonable. Damage to an instrument includes, but is not limited to: dings, scrapes, scratches, gouges, cracks, splits, holes, burns, pick wear, fingernail wear, stains, smears, smudges, sweat or body oil residues, application of polishes, finishes, refinishes, cleaners, the making of repairs, modifications, changing parts, and the like.

Please Note: On-line prices, quantities, descriptions and policies subject to change without notice.
Please confirm these at time of order.
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